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15 June 2010

We are starting to build new Linux practice exams based on the LPI® curriculum introduced in 2009. Everyone is welcome to participate.


IT Exam Practice is a portal for online exams that is built and maintained by a network of volunteers. It exists to serve the IT community and help people worldwide freely test their IT skills.

IT Exams are built up in a truly collaborative fashion where anyone may propose new content/questions and teams of qualified exam administrators and moderators approve or reject it on the basis of merit (via a voting process).

The focus is on two main types of exams:

  • Certification Mock Exams - to help you prepare for official certification exams in the IT industry. They try to simulate the technical subject matter and complexity of the real certification exams. See the description of each exam for links to its original full curriculum and the website of the entity that issues the respective certification.
  • Special Technology Exams - Built by the community, these exams feature technical subjects of interest to its members. They do not try to simulate existing industry/commercial exams.

How you can help: If you are a certified professional, please donate us 5 minutes or 5 days of your time and take part in the construction of exams and their improvement. If you are just a "guy on the net" and you are interested in improving an exam on a particular subject, you may propose new questions to it. They will be evaluated/voted on by volunteer exam administrators and included if they are worthy. Register an account here to become an active member of our community.

Important: This site has a strict copyright policy on what content that may be submitted. In particular the practice of so called "braindumps" is strictly prohibited. For more information see the terms of use. Please report suspected infringing content.

   All exam content on this site is "free" (as in "freedom") and available under a GFDL license. This license also guarantees that this content will always remain free for anyone to use and further improve. The software behind the site is also "free" (as in "freedom") and may be found here. All registered users may download exam content and replicate this site for their own purposes if they wish (please note the free software licensing obligations for the software and exam content).

IT Exam Practice goals:

  • To provide a centralized information resource for IT professionals to test their skills
  • To provide free information that others may further use and build upon
  • Never to require user fees for its services


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